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Captains at heart, tech experts by trade

Boatim is a global online marketplace for buying, selling and trading ships, boats and yachts. We share a genuine passion for the seafaring lifestyle with our growing community.

Our platform is a dedicated space for you to get immersed in maritime products, services, and inspiration. Whether you plan to cruise the Mediterranian or anchor in the Caribbean, we have everything you need all in one place.

For Producers and Distributors

Sellers can build tailor-made goods and services packages, and easily advertise them to a high-intent community of boat enthusiasts.

For Owners and Enthusiasts

Buyers can surf inspiration, buy from an international inventory, and find solutions for managing their vessel, like hiring crew members and much more.

The maritime sector has always pushed the boundaries of technology. In that spirit, we aim to raise the bar on useful and beautiful digital products for boaters and the boating industry.

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