Founded: 1989

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About Antaris

The history of Antaris began over 25 years ago in 1989 under the name Adria. Under this name the first boats were built in a facility in the beautiful venue of Ossenzijl. The popularity of the boats rose quickly and the beauty and accessibility of the water meant the convertible boats were enormously attractive.

In 2002 the company was taken over and its success continued under the current brand Antaris. As a result of the aforementioned success the yard moved in 2005 to the heart of the boating; Woudsend, Friesland.

Outright successes with the Antaris 520, 570 and 630 created one of the largest builders of boats in the Netherlands. These models underwent several facelifts over the years in order to continue to meet the needs of customers. Derived from the popular lifeboat style, the Rainbow Series became successful. Introduced in 2007, the range included the RB18, RB22, RB24 and RB27. In 2009, the range of Antaris Connery tender boats was introduced to the range.


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