Founded: 1849

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About Apreamare

The story of Apreamare is inextricably linked to that of a typical Sorrento boat. Early wood workers started hand crafting these since 1849. History repeats itself, with more technical expertise and passion than ever. Having a great past means looking to the future with curiosity and self-confidence: Apreamare has managed to "navigate" in the wake of its centuries-old tradition while constantly renewing the design of its boats and taking all the latest technology to ensure performance and reliability for even the most discerning owners.

In 1987 Cataldo Aprea introduced a major change by using fiberglass for the hull while leaving all the other parts of the boat in wood. The new ''gozzo'' was presented at the Genoa Boat Show in 1988 and won the approval of the public for its elegance, safety and the extreme care and attention paid to detailes. However Smeraldo 9 was the boat which really marked the change in Apreamare's design, range and capacity. Built in 1989 it offered all the traditional feature of the ''gozzo sorrentino'' - safety, stability and sea holding - with a keel which also made it possible to reach high speeds.