Cantieri di Pisa

Founded: 1945

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About Cantieri di Pisa

In the modern era it became famous starting from 1960 when it conceived a series of motor yachts named after the stars of the Eridanus constellation, forging and consolidating its fame in the iconic Akhir series, the brightest star of the constellation that also became the symbol of Cantieri di Pisa.

For more than half a century Cantieri di Pisa has created a constellation of first rate stars. With Saturno, Jupiter, Polaris, Pegasus, Kitalpha and Akhir lines it has created its own galaxy of milestones in the history of yachting and design. At the end of 2018 it has been acquired by a new group of successful industrial entrepreneurs, yacht owners and yacht enthusiasts.The group is constantly handpicking strategic partnerships with the mission of evolving the TRADITION – COMFORT and INNOVATION to exceed our customers expectations while building the best QUALITY yachts of the future together with you.