Founded: 1967

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About Compass

Our history began in the late 60’s as brothers Dimitri and Marco Samouhos founded Compass Boats in Athens. As youngsters at the time they both shared a passion for boating that gave birth to the first models, the Compass 14 and 15. Success was almost immediate and the company grew up with more models, marine accessories and outboard engine imports.

  Soon the factory moved to the northern outskirts of Athens and production started to rise, incorporating new models like the 530, 490 and 426 making Compass boats one of the leading and well known manufacturers in Greece. Furthermore the company started participating and organizing motor Boat races and Dimitri along with other manufacturers founded “Secaplas” the Greek manufacturers association and served as a general secretary for many years.

By the late 70’s the company had already started exporting boats into numerous countries across Europe focusing always on durable constructions clever designs and perfect after sales service.

The company’s sales network grew also in Greece with 4 major selling points in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos and Patra.

At the threshold of the next half century of life, Compass Boats passed to the next generation of the family and with new designs, modern construction methods, attention to detail and after sales service, the journey continues.

Come with us, live the experience and become a member of the ever growing Compass Boats family worldwide!