Founded: 1973

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About Hunter

At Marlow Hunter, We truly Go The Distance for you.

Our 40 year heritage of design innovation, rugged construction, and dedication to customer value has made us the leader in the North American manufacturing of sailboats and sailing yachts. Whether you’re a blue water sailor, a coastal cruiser, or a small-boat energy enthusiast, we have the boat for you.

Marlow-Hunter has been a leader in sailing innovation for nearly 40 years. When Warren Luhrs set out to build a no-nonsense sailboat that was truly affordable to the average sailor, he also took his ideas to sea in his offshore racing boats. Marlow Acquisitions, LLC, headed by Mr. David Marlow has acquired all of the operating and related assets of Hunter Marine Corporation; and selected assets of Luhrs Corporation and Mainship Corporation. Today, we aggressively pursue our ideals in design and manufacturing, and the result is one of the best boats money can buy. 

Hunter sailing yacht manufacturing takes place on a 38 acre parcel in Alachua, Florida, with an aggressive Research and Development program to position Hunter as the number one manufacturer of recreation sailing yachts internationally as well as in the USA. Strenuous quality control and functional testing systems including launch on site is a feature of every Marlow-Hunter keelboat product. 

Mainship trawlers will benefit from the vast capability and technology of Marlow’s worldwide assets including proprietary fiber reinforced plastic technology unknown to the general yachting industry but practiced for over five years on Marlow Explorer series yachts that are considered by many to reflect the highest of quality with space age technology in every detail. Marlow Yachts Full Stack Infusion Process bears no resemblance to the common technology of hand, spray or vacuum bagged construction developed in the late 1940s and little changed since that is practiced by boat manufacturers today. Mainship will also benefit from new tooling designed and built to take advantage of these technologies allowing increased performance in range, economy, speed and safety with quality and value of the highest order. Existing models that are capable of meeting the very high criteria of Marlow will be re-engineered and redesigned to merge seamlessly with these goals featuring substantial upgrades in all areas. At present these Mainship models and development are under way at the Marlow-Hunter site in Alachua, Florida. 

Technologies developed by Marlow will be integrated to allow classification to the highest international standards, far exceeding minimum criteria described or imposed by regulatory authorities worldwide. This new line of Marlow developed Sailing Yachts, Offshore Cruisers, and others in development now will challenge all similar products in value, capability, performance, seaworthiness and quality with the mission statement to “Build Simply The Best”.