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Leopard 51

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About Leopard 51 Catamaran

Drawing upon the success of the Leopard 39 PC and Leopard 47 PC, this contemporary and economically efficient catamaran uses less fuel than previous models. With standard engines this yacht has enough range to go from Florida to New York without refueling. Leopard team member Peter Wiersema explains, “The 2014 Leopard 51 PC is expected to revolutionize the world of power catamarans.” He also stated “the Leopard 51 Powercat has a stealth-like hull that allows a cruising speed of 17+ knots and top speed of 24 knots.”

The Leopard 51 Powercat, being a power catamaran, features magnificent stability, even in rough seas. Alexander Simonis, designer of the Leopard 51 Powercat, recently went out for a trial run on the new power catamaran in Table Bay during a severe winter storm with swells as high as 7 meters.

Alexander Simonis felt these were “Ideal conditions to show the power and ability of the new Leopard.” He went on to say, “We headed out into the swell going full bore (20+ knots). The boat had nice dynamic stability at the speed and was launching off the crests, landing smoothly keeping up to speed and taking on the next one. Driving straight into the large swell, there was no water coming over the deck and only minor spray could be noticed at the bows as we were riding down the waves.” Of course, with the Leopard 51 PC being delivered from Cape Town to world-wide destinations on its own bottom, she is entirely capable of handling these conditions.

Main characteristics

15.54 m
7.64 m
0.98 m
18.5 Ton
Hull material
Interior Designer
Simonis Voogd Design
Exterior Designer
Simonis Voogd Design
Naval Architect
Robertson and Caine
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