Linx Tenders

Founded: 2022

About Linx Tenders

LINX Tenders - the brand-new foiling catamaran custom tender brand by BMComposites launched April 2022. The prototype model "Linx 30" offers exceptional levels of stability and comfort with high-speed performance. Key features include lightweight carbon fibre construction, a folding hardtop, a beach landing system and WASSP SONAR integration. The tender was commissioned by an expedition mega yacht and was the first of its kind to be built in Mallorca. Fully customisable – deck layout, helm console, engines and propulsion system can be designed to the client’s specifications. The LINX can be configured as a dayboat, a sport fishing boat, a dive boat, or even a weekend boat.

Linx 30 Prototype - We can customise to the client´s specification

• Length: 9.5m 

• Beam: 3.1m

• Dry weight: 3.300kg 

• Height for storage in tender garage: 2.2m

• Inboard or outboard or jet: waterjet propulsion, optional outboard version

• Engine capacity: twin 250 hp inboard engines

• Cruising speed: 25kts

• Top speed: 40kts

• Hull material: carbon fibre composites

• Other features: foil assisted multihull, waterjet propulsion, optional outboard version, 12 passenger capacity, electric head




Provides exceptional longitudinal stability 30% to 40% reduction in fuel consumption. Centre foil creates lift to reduce drag and aft foils provide downforce for stability. Foils work together to decrease the impact from waves and reduce pitching – resulting in an extremely dry ride for all passengers.

Linx 30 is a limo for 12 guests, a sports boat and a beach lander all rolled into one, and is a semi-custom model under the Linx brand.

It displaces 3.5t, including 430lt of diesel–enough to cover 130 nautical miles at its 25-knot cruising speed. 

The Linx 30's main selling point is its fine attention to detail. The hardtop and windscreen fold down for easier stowage, while the beach landing ramp also services as a bathing platform. There is an elegant integrated bimini and flexible relaxation space. Servicing has been simplified and the engines and waterjet drives have all-round access. Lifting points fold down flush, and there is a discrete marine head on board.

The advanced carbon composite design and impressive use of foils slash fuel consumption. By reducing drag, the foils improve seakeeping and give up to 40% more speed for the same fuel consumption. The Hydrofoil Supported Planing Catamaran hull technology uses a large, fixed foil between the two hulls.