Founded: 2020

Size doesn’t matter for the Malibu M220: the younger sibling for the M240 offers the same performance and features as its older counterpart. Smaller in form, it easily accommodates up to 15 adults (2 seated on the bow) and can be highly customized for a more personalized experience. It comes equipped with an M6Di Power with 460 ft-lbs of torque and 430 hp. Optionally, you can choose an M5Di or a powerful LT4 engine. 

Built on the acclaimed M hull, the M220 is great for all wakeboarding and wake surfing lovers, delivering the best wakes and waves for riding. Its dual touchscreen command center at the helm provides an intuitive control on all surf functions, while its docking and transom cameras have been upgraded with a higher resolution so that you can record videos and take photos with the camera and then save them to your phone. Its high freeboard (exclusive to the M-series) allows for more ballast, storage, and a stronger on-water presence than an average midsize towboat.

    Maximum Luxury & Performance in a Manageable Size The shortest model in the MXZ line, the 22 MXZ has a surprisingly spacious pickle fork bow, luxury amenities and all the performance a Malibu has to offer in a manageable size that makes it easier to trailer and store away at the end of a great day on the water. Malibu’s are designed with maneuverability in mind and the 22 MXZ maximizes fuel economy when you need it most with wave creation technology that only deploys when you need it—otherwise, it’s shallow draft and minimal bow-rise make it easy to see why it’s the most popular boat in the segment.
      22 LSV: Unparalleled Passion Based on the design of the world's best-selling towboat of all time, the 22 LSV brings you the ultimate performance in a boat that is easier to store, trailer and maneuver around the docs. The 22 LSV may be small in stature, but it still has a 102-inch-wide beam that provides plenty of room for 14 of your friends and family. Spend your time on the water enjoying the fully customizable waves and wakes crafted behind the 22 LSV.