Founded: 2019

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About Menorquin

Behind our Menorquin® is the story of a real love for the sea.

Our philosophy invites you to experience the sea, the islands and nature without haste. Enjoy the way beyond the finish line, in the spirit of Slow Yachting.

Our yachts, which are on the road in a rational, peaceful and haste way, let you experience the sea in a unique way and offer you a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

The semi-displacement hull that distinguishes all our Menorquin, offers an extraordinary wideness in the width of the boat, ensures maximum stability independent of the sea swell, and due to its very low depth you can even the smallest bays to explore. This comfort when living and driving is difficult to find on other yachts with similar boat lengths.

Our mission is to offer lovers of the sea and the quiet ride yachts with classic lines, traditional esprit and high quality.

All charter yachts of Buccara Menorquin are fully equipped and ready to drop off. Buccara takes care of all the details, so you just have to take care of the enjoyment. Our yachts are controlled by qualified skippers who know our boats very well and bring you safely to your destination.