Founded: 1985

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About Monterey

Founded by Charles & Jeff Marshall, partners and co-chairman of the company, Monterey Boats is one of the few marine manufacturing company’s remaining in the industry today that are not only family owned and operated, but also presided over by its original founders. Brothers Charles and Jeff Marshall began their journey in 1985 designing, developing, engineering and building superior boats, and are continuing to build their legacy today as one of the leading boat manufacturers in the industry today. 

Monterey Boats began from day one with a commitment to focus on quality, design and overall ease of maintenance, and has continued to stand firm in that commitment today. From the very first hull built to every boat built today, the owners, engineers and staff at Monterey Boats continue to believe that the Monterey name stands for more than boat manufacturing- they believe it’s a family and a way of life.

For more than 30 years, Monterey has proven to be a leader in the industry, continually raising the bar for class and style year after year. Monterey Boats has established itself as a true frontrunner when it comes to designing, developing, engineering, and building superior boats for the conscientious marine consumer.

At Monterey, every boat is hand crafted by skilled tradesman, designed by engineers, and built with the customer in mind, by more than 500 team members dedicated to producing the best boats on the water today. As a result, over the past three decades, Monterey has produced well over 40,000 boats and generated over 2.4 billion dollars in sales. Every Monterey boat is also NMMA certified and backed by its exclusive MVP Lifetime Limited Warranty to assure the ultimate in customer confidence and satisfaction.

Bask in Excellence Create unforgettable memories aboard Monterey’s 355SY. With its smooth lines and luxurious styling, you’ll feel as though the 355SY was made just for you. Comfortable and spacious cockpit seating arrangements allow you to relax above deck, while our beautifully designed, well-appointed cabin area below deck creates the perfect evening retreat. With an overall elegant design both above and below deck, you may very well be calling this your new home with an address of anywhere.