Oceanco 50 M

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About Oceanco 50 M Motorboat

The undefined is 49.38 meters / 162 feet in length with a 8.84 meter / 29 foot beam.

The 50 M has a Aluminium hull.

6595487 USD is the lowest price we've seen for this used Motorboat.

Oceanco stopped production of this undefined in undefined but you can find used boats of this model on our website.

About Oceanco 50 M Motorboat


Oceanco designed their 50 M to be open and spacious for maximum entertainment and comfort.

The excellent hull form that the design team developed allows for optimal engine performance while maintaining ultimate efficiency in hull design and onboard comfort.

50 M Motorboat is ideal for day cruising as a couple, with your family, and of course, for just having fun in the sun.

It's an ideal option for those looking for a undefined designed for a comfortable ride with family or friends.

Main characteristics

162 ft
29 ft
7 ft
Hull material
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