Founded: 1958

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About Sessa

The birth and the history of Italian excellence in the yacht world: Sessa Marine company. Dynamism and innovation, design and technology, style and quality: these are the exclusive features.

The history of Sessa Marine is a perfect example of the Italian entrepreneurial culture, where entrepreneurship and technological approach allowed the company to achieve excellence. Recognized for features such as dynamism and innovation, Sessa Marine conceives and realizes exclusive boats that combine design and technology, quality and style, without ever losing sight of its ultimate goal: producing "emotions" to anyone owning a Sessa Marine Yacht.

Sessa Marine has always dedicated great attention to design, a distinctive sign of each product and means of a precise philosophy.

Such as care to details, formal straightness and cleanliness of the sketch, together with the value of the materials, have all become distinctive codes for Sessa Marine, parts of an identity card which consistently, for years, certifies quality and original boats as symbol of the made in Italy.

Diversified solutions for every need

Sessa Marine offers numerous customizations able to meet the needs of any shipowner. In the nautical scene, Sessa Marine stands out for being one of the few companies to release a wide selection of custom made models on the market, among which to choose.

Design made in Italy, customizable interiors thanks to a wide choice of fabrics and exteriors available in suggestive color variations.

The Fly 68 Gullwing (Flybridge Line Series) is a revolutionary yacht with a strong personality and a unique style, setting a new standard in the yacht segment of 21 meters.

Its two original glass side openings which resemble gull wings, features after which the boat is named, are its main strong points. You can open them using its innovative opening system, inspired by current automotive technology, that will allow you to make better use of light and refresh the air in the main deck of the vessel. Besides, they also convey a modern and technological design to the new Fly 68 Gullwing, creating a balanced mix of space, sportiness, and comfort.

All these features, make this yacht one of the most spacious of its size, combined with amazing sailing features and unique comfort.