MYG Yachting Consultants


MYG Yachting Consultants has a comprehensive boat management program that provides first level support for maintenance and repairs in addition to providing Professional Skipper Services. We offer flexible, customised maintenance programs to suit your individual needs.

Our clients are as diverse as the fish in the sea, but they all have one thing in common... They love their boats and know we will go overboard to take care of their needs. We provide full sales of new and used yachts, sales and rental of moorings, summer and winter storage, cleaning, maintenance, fuel-service, food and beverages, fresh linnen, captain/steward/stewardess services and car rental.

Boat Maintenance is important!!!!! Not only will proper boat maintenance extend the life of your boat and reduce the need for costly repairs, but it also ensures boating safety fore all those aboard. We keep an eye on your yacht, monitor maintenance and can do any service of upgrades you want taken care of.

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