Volta is the first yacht dealer in the Mediterranean focused on electric & hybrid boats and jet skis. Get to know our unique range of sustainable vessels.

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Narke GT95 Electrojet is the electri c Jet Ski you've been waiting for! ⚡⚡⚡

Apart from its stylish distinctive design, high-end materials, full carbon-fibre hull it offers un unbeatable perfoemance on the water! It is also equipped with a customisable smart LED screen, wireless man overboard alarm system and three navigation modes. 

All that, with no noise, no fumes, no contamination, but with all the power you need to have fun on the water! 🌊🦈

    Sun Concept CAT 12.0 wins the 2021 Multihull of the Year Awards!

    We’re excited to announce that CAT 12.0 has been selected as the winner of the 2021 Multihull of the Year Awards in the “Multipowers” category. It proudly shares the first place with Aquila 54, as they both got the same amount of votes.

    CAT 12.0 is a fully-electric solar-powered catamaran, which is unique in its class, as it offeres a number of distinctive features only available in solar-electric catamarans.

    The awards ceremonies for the 2021 WINNERS and the 2021 NOMINEES, is planned for the Cannes Yachting Festival and all the other boat shows coming this fall.

    CAT 12.0 is awailable to order both in GRP and Carbon Fibre versions. If ordered today, we can still deliver your CAT 12.0 before the end of 2021!

      Silent 55 solar catamaran offers a truly unlimited range, capable of any journey across the globe with a level of comfort of a super-yacht - spacious interiors, high-quality materials, and all the home appliances working silently 24/7.

      Less emissions, more comfort, no navigation limits.

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