Volta is the first yacht dealer in the Mediterranean focused on electric & hybrid boats and jet skis. Get to know our unique range of sustainable vessels.

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Different stages of boat construction. Another fully electric catamaran is being built and is soon to be delivered in the Caribbean!

This one has a light, but robust carbon fibre hull, two powerful 50kW engines from Torqeedo and a water-cooled 160kWh battery pack! That’s one of our most powerful configs up to the date.

The solar panels on its roof will generate up to 6 kW peak energy on a sunny day.

This catamaran in particular will be built specifically for transporting passengers, up to 30 people will fit safely and comfortably. And getting them from point A to point B will produce 0 emissions and will cost nothing compared to the expenses of a similar internal combustion engine boat.

Given that the price of this catamaran is similar to that of a ‘traditional’ ICE or sail catamaran, it has proven to be a smart investment, as the running costs are close to zero, there’s almost no maintenance and part of the energy comes from the Sun ☀️ 

Isn’t it the true future of boating?

    Presenting the new Sun Concept EVO 7.0 Cruise - a full electric day cruiser equipped with solar panels and capable of navigating all day on one charge. 

    Silent navigation, no fumes, pure pleasure. ☀️🎷👙🩳

    And don't forget to invite your loved ones for an enjoyable ride! 

      A new addition to the #electricboats fleet!

      Magonis Wave e-550, a 5.5m boat, capable of reaching up to 22 knots of maximum speed. And it’s affordable too: the pricing starts at 33500€ (VAT included!). 

      Contact us for more info.

      • Trúc Alfonso
        9 months ago
        Eco + fun boating 💚
      • Stephani Nadeem
        9 months ago
        Sustainable boat luxury - love that, thanks for expanding electric boats portfolio!